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At I/O Systems Ltd. we take pride in collaborating with industry-leading partners in the broadcasting sector.

These strategic alliances enable us to deliver cutting-edge solutions and seamless services to our valued customers. Together with our esteemed partners, we are committed to revolutionizing how we ensure our customers' requests and projects succeed.

These collaborations empower us to stay at the forefront of the broadcasting industry, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality of services and innovative technologies. By leveraging the expertise and resources of our broadcasting partners, we continue to drive excellence and customer satisfaction.



AudioScience Inc. designs and manufactures advanced DSP based digital audio peripherals for the OEM, broadcast, installed sound, and entertainment markets. We support industry standards such as PCI Express, MPEG audio compression, CobraNet™, Livewire™, Dante™ and AVnu AVB audio networking, and Windows and Linux operating systems.



ADTECHNO Inc., established in 1997, has evolved from a trading and procurement service company to a well-known manufacturer of audio and visual professional equipment in Japan. We design, develop and manufacture high quality, cost effective image signal processing equipment including LCD displays, media players, signal extenders, splitter and converters for the fields of broadcasting, digital signage, education, medical, security and factory automation.



Calrec is a leading designer and supplier of broadcast audio mixing consoles.

From Premiership football and the Superbowl to ‘X Factor’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’, if it’s live, there is a good chance it is mixed on a Calrec. Calrec’s range of broadcast mixing consoles, remote production and audio networking solutions, its understanding of AoIP and ST2110 infrastructures, and its work with third-party integration.



A Leading provider of high quality video equipment. The company offers unique solutions for the broadcast industry that can be fit to any systems in any size. Digital Forecast design frames for a various modules, signal converters, HD encoder and much more.



A Leading manufacturer of display and touchscreen technology, hardware, Computing and Control System Software. 
A range of powerful off-the-shelf products, or fully customize unique solutions.

Behind our products, we control a highly resilient supply chain, with quality processes refined over decades.  This gives you the reassurance that in working with us you not only get access to great technology, but we make sure that it arrives on time in full and is highly reliable and globally support.



More than 25 years of experience in the micro-electronics industry make us experts in turnkey solutions from specification to production and delivery – including embedded Linux or Android-based board support packages (BSP), Linux or Android driver development or porting and high-speed PCB design with all necessary qualifications like CE and FCC.



Freakshow HD has grown into a manufacturing powerhouse, leveraging its sixty years of combined experience to create robust, cost efficient, cutting edge solutions for video professionals, system designers, and anyone in need of the highest spec video distribution, amplification and switching tools.



GoMax Electronics was founded on March 28, 2006 and has been focusing on professional audio and video system design, development, manufacturing and sale for years. We dedicate ourselves to provide the core value of ODM business of various video processors and converters to our customers.



Mobile Viewpoint has been dedicated to revolutionizing the way live video is captured, transmitted, and experienced. As a leading provider of cutting-edge live streaming solutions that leverage the latest innovations in bonded cellular, 5G, and AI-driven technologies for automated productions.



A Leading manufactorer of high quality video equipment. The company offers unique solutions for the broadcast industry that can be fit to any system in any size. 



As the professional division of CoachComm, Pliant Technologies’ continues on with that vision by offering professional wireless intercom solutions ranging from simple out-of-the-box configurations to large-scale designs with many coverage zones and many users for broadcast, live sound, theater, and many more applications.



Founded in Montreal, Canada, RCT has been leading the way in the manufacture and service of remote camera control systems since 2010. RCT has always developed their systems to the highest quality and made them easily customizable. Key to the development of RCT’s products and service is to make integration to third party systems completely seamless so that there is no disruption to the operator’s workflow.



A Leading manufactorer of high quality video equipment, cameras, cables and more. The company offers unique solutions for the broadcast industry that can be fit to any system in any size. 



At SKAARHOJ we have worked our way to the international elite of broadcast control solutions, developing and manufacturing universal broadcast control panels for live Broadcast production, including RCPs for camera control, PTZ robotic camera controllers, vision mixing surfaces, router control panels, along with a number of auxiliary products



 Theatrixx Technologies manufactures and distributes technical equipment specially adapted for the performing arts, events and entertainment sectors.

We manufacture custom equipment which offers innovative solutions to video, lighting, power and cabling challenges. 



TSL Products has drawn on over two decades of TSL’s international systems integration experience to develop and deliver a range of top-quality products that meet the needs of today’s broadcasters.

The business began when TSL Systems couldn’t source the right solution for a particular project anywhere on the market. It simply developed its own solution and soon realised there was an undeniable gap in the wider market for audio monitoring systems.



For 60 years, Telescript has provided professional prompting solutions to the world, from teleprompter hardware to software. Telescript was in the prompting business way before the advent of computer-driven teleprompters and LED prompter displays. This gives us the ability to provide knowledge and experience to our customers that others can’t.  Whether it’s for the leader of the free world, corporate CEOs,  television news broadcasts,  or live public speaking events, Telescript is the company you can rely on to get the job done.



We don’t just make audio products. We’re your partner on your audio journey, delivering solutions that meet the challenges you face head-on. So you can spend less time solving problems and instead focus on creating the most exciting audio experiences imaginable. With Telos Alliance, you—and your audience—are going to Love What You Hear.



Bittree was established in 1978 with the goal of providing high-quality patching systems to the entertainment and broadcast industries. Since then, we've earned an international reputation from customers like you for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

We offer a complete line of patching products, including audio, video, data and integrated patching systems. To ensure the consistency, quality and responsiveness you need, all of our patching products are designed, manufactured, tested and warehoused in our Glendale, California plant, right in the heart of the entertainment industry.



Canare manufactures high-quality pro audio and video cable, 75 Ohm BNC, F and RCA connectors, patch bays, cable reels, snake systems, assemblies, crimp tools, and cable strippers. In 2004, the company launched a full Optical Products line for HD upgrades in the broadcast market. Professional broadcast engineers, sound technicians, A/V facility integrators, design consultants and many leading OEMs rely on Canare's products, proven reliability, and top-notch customer service.



Our design capability is the foundation of our business where a commitment to service and quality are guaranteed. When you buy a COAX Connector you do so in the knowledge that it has gone through a rigorous development process, and that the robust design will give you the reliable and enduring performance you require.

With many years experience in the RF connectors market, we are experts at manufacturing and supplying connectors and producing cable assembly solutions for very diverse applications. Our experienced in-house team can provide you with not only a wide range of standard coaxial connector products, but also the support you need to solve all your RF connectivity problems.



DB Elettronica Telecomunicazioni SpA was founded in Italy in 1975. With more than 45 years of experience and consistent strategy, DB has become a recognized worldwide leader in RF transmission and communication solutions, both for public and private customers, as well as for top level scientific institutes and engineering works.
DB offers world-class, turnkey broadcasting systems, including transmitters, antennas, head-end & studio equipment. The comprehensive range of products in analog/digital processing and transmission of radio and TV content allows operators to find their bespoke solution in terms of quality and capital investment.



Gigatronix is a leading manufacturer of coaxial cables and connectors, Gigatronix is the pioneer in crafting cutting-edge, high-performance cables and connectors that power the world of connectivity.
With a rich legacy of innovation spanning over the years, they have established themselves as a leading manufacturer in the industry.
When you choose Gigatronix, you're choosing innovation, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to making the world a more connected place. Join us on this journey of technological excellence and together, let's empower the future through seamless connectivity.



Combining patching, distribution, and fiber makes the PatchAmp more compact and efficient than any other patching and distribution system available.
Modular design allows modules to be mixed and matched according to your needs.
The 12 series cards support data rates up to 12 Gb/s for single-link 4K UHD video.
An optional SFP can be included to transmit/receive SDI over fiber and to convert to/from IP.



For more than 40 years, Percon has been dedicated to the desing, manufacture and marketing of professional cabling solutions in the fields of Broadcast and Multimedia.

We are a company totally dedicated to the development, implementation and manufacture of custom cabling solutions for all the needs of the Broadcast sector (video, audio and control) as well as for the multimedia sector in general.

Our logistics center is located in the Almeda Industrial Park in Cornellà de Llobregat, just 20 minutes from city centre Barcelona.

There is a part of the warehouse dedicated exclusively to the storage of the material and another dedicated to cutting to detail, thus covering any lenght need that our clients have.



ShieldRock Inc. is a Canadian-based company which designs and manufactures solutions for broadcast, cinema, and creative applications.

The core products are audio/video converter boxes and openGear cards, with accessories to compliment for integration. These are each centered around support for 12G-SDI connectivity including video, audio, and metadata transmission.
ShieldRock also offers custom design solutions including: PCB (Printed Circuit Board) , Mechanical Prototyping, Custom cabling design ,Custom power solutions.



YUAN High-Tech (GTSM: 5474) established in 1990, is the leading force in the digital home entertainment, broadcasting, and surveillance market. With our headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan, we have been delivering an extensive range of high-quality video/audio products for over 27 years, targeting system integrators and ODM demanders. As one of the major providers to these markets, YUAN’s solutions can be found within the product lines of worldwide leading ODM customers and channel partners.

We provided a series of PCIe/Mini-PCIe/M.2 video capture cards, USB2.0/3.0 capture box/dongle series, as well as a range of video converter boxes and streaming encoder boxes to fulfill different markets’ needs.

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