A Leading provider of high quality video equipment. The company offers unique solutions for the broadcast industry that can be fit to any systems in any size. Digital Forecast design frames for a various modules, signal converters, HD encoder and much more.


Canare manufactures high-quality pro audio and video cable, 75 Ohm BNC, F and RCA connectors, patch bays, cable reels, snake systems, assemblies, crimp tools, and cable strippers. In 2004, the company launched a full Optical Products line for HD upgrades in the broadcast market. Professional broadcast engineers, sound technicians, A/V facility integrators, design consultants and many leading OEMs rely on Canare's products, proven reliability, and top-notch customer service.


E2WORK specializes in the provision of solutions for the broadcasting industry. The company manufactures video converters for various formats, test screens, and broadcast positions, as well as SDI TO HDMI and HDMI TO SDI converters with the smallest signal format capabilities available in the market today. The company has the capability to develop and build high-quality, cost-effective products for customers requiring dedicated solutions.


SKAARHOJ is a manufacturer of universal broadcast control panels for live production, including RCPs for camera control, PTZ robotic camera controllers, vision mixing surfaces, router control panels, along with several auxiliary products.

SKAARHOJ controllers are designed to work with many brands of video switchers, live production cameras, video routers, PTZ cameras, and more, providing a future-safe investment for its client base.


AVMATRIX is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of professional video processing systems. AVMATRIX assures high-quality switching, encoding and de-encoding, and transmission of high-definition video signals via FPGA technology.


Since 1996, Axel Technology has been the leading manufacturer of professional radio and television solutions for the Italian broadcasting company. Axel Technology offers a wide range of solutions, specializing in radio studios with multiple control rooms, multi-channel video logging systems, single or multi-channel radios, and TV automation systems.


Embrionix provides very compact, high-density IP gateways, IP signal processors, converters, and multiviewers for broadcast video applications. The company’s innovative, low-footprint solutions free up premium rack space, consume less power and close the gap between fiber-optic, coaxial and emerging IP technology deployments.


K2E is the provider of the high-tech modular, digital audio monitoring device that broadcasters worldwide use in editing studios, OB vans, and broadcasting stations to handle a variety of Audio & Video signals. Since the establishment of K2E in 1983, the company has been working hard to satisfy its customers with its experience and skills, gained in the broadcasting industry for over 30 years.


Microfilms specializes in robotized, remotely operated cameras and has been developing and manufacturing its own machines for over 20 years. Its leading products are Juniors, remotely-operated motorized dollies, and single-operator cranes. Microfilms also markets various optical fiber and data converters based on the technology used in its devices. Today, these products hold a strategic position in the market and are unique in their price range.


Established in 1994, Luoyang Ruiguang Movie-tv Optic-electronic Technology Co., Ltd was the first company to introduce TFT-LCD technology to the Chinese broadcasting industry, and the first to develop professional-grade LCD monitor products. The company focuses on R&D, manufacturing, and sales of professional-grade monitors and is a standing director unit of the China Film-TV Institute.